At German ISD all of our students enjoy a healthy organic breakfast to start the school morning right and an organic fresh school lunch to fuel their growing and their learning. Behavior and academic performance are significantly affected by the quantity and quality of the foods we provide children during the school day. Children’s brains are high-performance engines, and if we want them to do their best in school, we need to provide them with clean, high-quality fuel. For our growing children, this means a balanced diet of delicious whole foods, grown in a nutrition-enhancing way without toxic pesticides, and prepared in an appealing manner that also preserves nutrients.

Solid science has shown that food affects kids’ memory, attention, and cognitive skills. What they eat, how their food is grown, and how their food is processed can all help their brains to operate at their very best.

It is just a wonderful feeling to feed our little students in the best way possible for us, with the best influence for their growth, their health and their development.