The German International School of Dallas is a German-immersion preschool, which incorporates German educational and cultural traditions as well as current practices. It aims at enhancing each child’s growth and learning. Daily activities foster academic, social, and emotional learning. Developmentally appropriate planned subjects and group activities dealing with the alphabet, elementary numbers, art, basic science and nature studies, musical games, and problem solving are included. There is plenty of time for all children to explore and investigate based upon their own questions.

The full German Immersion program for children ages 18 month to 5 years has currently five groups of children divided according to age. The first three, the “Elefanten”, “Giraffen” and “Pinguine” are our classes, age 2,5 to 4 years.

Our little children age 18 months to 2,5 years are named “Koalas”.

The Pre-K group, our “Löwen” class, is intended for four and five year olds.

The Language concept for all Elementary classes (Kindergarten and upper grades) is based on the Principle of the Dual Immersion Method.
 This is also known as the one person – one language approach. Each teacher speaks in either English or German to the children. The educational concept  German ISD offers a state-equivalent School program based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Elementary Classes (TEKS) standards. The program complements the full immersion approach of the German ISD Preschool and Pre-K classes with a German-English bilingual curriculum for children ages 5 to 10 years. The dual-language immersion program is designed for students with German as either a first or second language, with the goal to learn two languages without one language replacing the other.
The program provides a range of benefits above and beyond traditional non-bilingual school programs through the connection of our native-speaking German teachers and native-speaking English teacher. It entails academic concepts such as literacy, science, mathematics, movement, artistic, and musical activities. 


We incorporate a curriculum, the “Bayerischen Bildungsplan f

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