German ISD offers a variety of extracurricular classes for enrolled students. These enrichment activities nurture the students’ talents and interests. They take place on a weekly basis.


Montessori Session

The Montessori approach fosters independence, personal responsibility and self-esteem through supporting the development of the whole child.

Activities such as pouring, folding, sorting and careful carrying not only teach the children to master their movements, but also provide an opportunity to practice concentration and logical thinking, skills essential for successful academic learning.



In this class students are introduced to the Spanish language and culture. We use a variety of materials, songs, and games. Students learn basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar.



Crafting projects foster creativity; they can help develop fine motor skills, and teach students to follow instructions. Crafting is not only fun but also a vital part of early learning activities.



Gardening offers students the opportunity to observe, experiment, discover, and nurture in a living laboratory. Students learn about the importance of water for the life cycle and how to grow healthy food while having fun digging in the dirt.

The Gardening program is offered in collaboration with the Farmers Branch Community Garden project.


Yoga For Children (not included in afternoon tuition)

The Yoga class offers students the opportunity to experience yoga and its many benefits in a fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate manner. The students will practice breathing techniques, poses, games, activities, relaxation, and visualization.


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