The Pre-K class, designed for the 4 and 5 years old follows a daily structure, with a focus on early arithmetic, language and writing programs (see the programs listed). Our Pre-K class is especially designed to get your child ready for Kindergarten and well prepared for school.

Daily schedule at the Lion’s:

9 a.m recess

9.30 a.m. morning circle

9.45 a.m. breakfast snack

10 a.m. daily program (see programs)

10.30 a.m. play time

11 a.m. theme work session

12 a.m. lunch time.

12.30 p.m. quiet time and activities

2.30 p.m Good bye circle

3.00 p.m. Afternoon program (see our program)

One of our main focus is to teach our pre-k students responsibility. They will learn how to take care of, their own belongings, their supply boxes, folders with their paper work and last, but not least to be responsible for their actions.
Therefore we have a “kids conference” once a week, where they get together and focus on their roles and parts in their group setting. The teacher is their to supervise and support this process, but the children will be in the role of leading this session.

The students will learn to sit on the table and do their own paper work (letters and numbers), without rushing it and use their pencils, scissors and other school supply in the most effective and right way.
Every lion prepares his/her own lunch (“german Brotzeit”) daily. Every student has his/her own silver ware to spread butter on the bread and prepare his/her own sandwich.

We also believe, that our Pre-K children still need enough time to learn by playing and we are following the european concept and give this students time to play in- and outside daily together.

The Lion class guarantees a very well prepared start into Kindergarden and our students are very motivated for school after joining this class!


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