Our Mission and Philosophy

The mission of the German International School of Dallas is to provide enrolled children aged 18 months to 5 years with an environment in which they will experience loving care, receive a child-centered education, and obtain German language skills. Mission of German ISD: “Provide a playful learning environment focused on development of the whole child from ages 18 months to 5 years old. This is accomplished through an education based on German Language & Culture while simultaneously preparing the child for a successful path in domestic schools and a globalizing world. German ISD focuses on learning through child-directed curriculum and play. We believe a balance of learning and play enhances a child’s growth – physically, socially, emotionally, creatively, and intellectually.

Nondiscriminatory Policy
German ISD does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, or national or ethnic origin in admittance, education or other policies and extends to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally made available to students at German ISD.
Scope and Operating Hours
German ISD is a German Immersion School and all classes, activities, and work sessions are instructed in the German language. (Information will be made available in English for parents and / or guardians who do not speak German.) Classes are available to children ages 18 months to five years, Monday through Friday, from the middle of August through the end of June (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.).
Children from 18 months to four years can attend for a minimum of two up to maximum of five days a week. Subject to availability, during the school year, you may add (or decrease) the number of days in your child’s schedule. Any decrease in the number of days your child attends school is subject to the school
director’s approval and requires four weeks’ prior written notice. In no event will a child be permitted to attend less than two days/week. Children ages four and five attend our pre-kindergarten class, which has a five days/week attendance policy. German ISD offers afternoon care from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. every school day.
Children must be pre-registered for the afternoon program. In exceptional cases, we allow afternoon drop-ins after prior discussion with and approval by the school director. Early drop-off, beginning at 7:30 a.m. every school day, is also offered.

German ISD teachers utilize age-appropriate curriculum for our toddlers and prekindergarten class. Our programs focus on a variety of developmental areas to enhance growth and learning by offering a wide selection of topics and group activities. Children are involved in hands-on experiences, real-life adventures,
and assisted discovery as they explore concepts through play. At German ISD, our children learn both from – and with – each other. German ISD is a place where essential skills are nurtured through play, investigation, and of course, fun!

“Koala” group: starting 18 months to 2 ½ years
“Elefanten” and “Giraffen” groups: starting 2 ½ years to 4 years
The toddler classes are following a daily routine. Every day starts with a morning circle, followed by two work sessions (theme focused), free- play -time and a daily outdoor time together.


• „Das bin ich“ (language program)
• “Entenland”, (early arithmetic program)
• “Logico” learning and language skills)

The Pre-K “Lion” group: 4 to 5 years
The Lion group meets five days/week and focuses on preparing the children for kindergarten and elementary school. We achieve this through the following early arithmetic, language, and writing programs


  • Forschen mit Fred (science program)
  • Das bin ich (language program)
  • Zahlenland (early math program)
  • Würzburger Sprachprogramm (sound and grammar program)
  • BuchStaLa (alphabet program)

Curriculum: Our curriculum for all groups incorporates the “Bayrische Bildungsund Erziehungsplan fuer Kinder in Tageseinrichtungen.” For more details, visit http://www.ifp.bayern.de/imperia/md/content/stmas/ifp/bildungsplan.pdf

Enrollment Procedures and Fees
Prior to your child’s enrollment, the following must be submitted: (1) all required German ISD paperwork, (2) a copy of your child’s immunization records, (3) a physician statement indicating your child has been examined within the last year
and is physically able to participate in the program, (4) a non-refundable $100 application fee, and (5) a non-refundable tuition deposit of $500.00 to reserve your child’s seat (which deposit will be applied to the May tuition payment). Enrollment for the fall term begins the prior spring and continues throughout the
year as spaces become available. A separate supply fee may also be assessed during the school year, if costs for special student projects are not already covered by the monthly tuition.
Waiting List Process and Fee
If no openings are immediately available, a spot may be reserved on our waiting list, subject to receipt of completed application documents and a $50 nonrefundable fee. A variety of criteria, including number of days available and class level openings, inform (word? Influence maybe?) the waiting list process, and accordingly, German ISD cannot guarantee enrollment.
Immunization/ Medical Exam Requirements

The laws of the State of Texas require the following immunizations for all children enrolled:

DPT, MMR, OPV, HIB, HepB, HepA, PCV7, and Varicella.
If you have elected not to have your child vaccinated, a signed and notarized State of Texas affidavit must be provided to German ISD prior to enrollment.
Any updates to your child’s immunizations must be provided to German ISD within ten days of the date of any newly administered immunizations. In addition, all students must have on file a current physician statement indicating they have been examined within the last year and are physically able to take
part in our program. Each child must also have a completed emergency treatment authorization on file.


Regular attendance is crucial to a child’s adjustment to school and to language proficiency. Punctuality ensures your child does not miss out on any activities or disturb ongoing activities. Children develop friendships and teacher relationships, and derive greater benefit from the curriculum, when they can attend our
programs on time and as consistently as possible. Children may be dropped off beginning at 8.45 a.m. If you arrive after 9 a.m. during our morning circle time, please enter quietly and wait until the teacher welcomes your child, so as not to disturb the other children. All children must be accompanied into the classroom (please do not leave your child in the hall). Our entrance will remain closed after 9:15 a.m.! The German ISD school year operates on a ten–month school year (middle of August to middle of June). Monthly tuition is required in advance on a monthly basis and is due by the 10th of each month. Tuition is non-refundable. A late charge of $10 will be added to any unscheduled late payment received after the 13th of the month for EACH day. Please make checks payable to “German International School of Dallas.” On-line payment is also available. Admission to school may be denied if your payment is 30 days past due and no previous arrangements have been made with the school director. No make-up days are offered due to missed days as a result of illness, vacations, holidays, etc.

2 days/week (Tues & Thurs) $ 430 per month
3 days/week (Mon, Wed, Fri) $ 510 per month
5 days/ week (Mon to Fri) $ 670 per month*
*5 day schedule required for Pre-K class students.
Early Drop Off (7.30am-8:45am):
2 days/week $ 50 per month
3 days/week $ 60 per month
5 days/ week $ 80 per month
Afternoon Care (3-6pm):
1 day / week $ 50 per month
2 days / week $ 100 per month
3 days / week $ 150 per month
4 days / week $ 200 per month
5 days / week $ 250 per month

Exceptional afternoon drop in: $ 20/afternoon per child (see page 4)

Certified organic lunch (with the option providing your child’s own lunch):
2 days/week $ 20 per month
3 days/week $ 30 per month
5 days/ week $ 50 per month

Extended leave

If your child will not be able to participate for more than four weeks, and advance notice is provided, you will receive a 50% discount for the weeks in which your child was not in attendance, which will be applied to the next school year. The discount is based on the current monthly fee of your enrollment plan.
The monthly fee must be paid by the 10th of every month, regardless of attendance status.

If withdrawing from German ISD, a minimum of four weeks’ written notice is required prior to the last day of attendance, except in the event of serious illness or accident (provided written notice is submitted from a physician licensed in the
State of Texas). Without such prior notice, the balance of the tuition for the school year remains due and payable (and the tuition deposit is nonrefundable).
Confidentiality Policy

German ISD may disclose, without parent/guardian consent, “directory” information such as parent and student’s names, address, email, telephone number, and dates of attendance. Under the laws of the State of Texas, if you would prefer to opt-out of such disclosures, within ten days from the date of
enrollment, you may request German ISD to not disclose going forward any directory information about your child or family. German ISD policy prohibits disclosing directory information about other students or families to third parties without the prior consent of the applicable students or families.
German ISD will disclose personally identifiable information when required by law, or if in good faith, we believe such action is necessary to (a) comply with any judicial proceeding, court order or other legal process, (b) protect and defend German ISD, or (c) protect the rights, property, and interests of our staff
and students. German ISD’s intent is to take commercially reasonable and appropriate steps to protect the personal information you share with us from unauthorized access or disclosure. However, German ISD cannot guaranty the security of your information.

Communication with Parents
The school shall communicate with both parents of the child, unless otherwise instructed by a court decree.
Field Trips
Any field trips will not involve vehicle transportation and parents will be given prior notice. Prior permission for any field trip is required in order for the child to participate.
Holidays and vacations generally follow the Carrollton/Farmers Branch ISD school calendar. Parents are responsible for arranging alternative care for their children on non-school days. German ISD holidays are noted in the current German ISD calendar.
Wellness Information

Children must be healthy in order to attend school. We depend on our parents to help us maintain this policy in order to curb the spread of illness at German ISD. If your child becomes ill while at school, you will be called immediately and asked to pick your child up promptly. Your child will be made as comfortable as possible until you arrive. Please ensure your current phone numbers are on file in the office, and your emergency contact is available to pick up your child promptly. If there are changes to your emergency contact information, please notify the office promptly in writing. Children are to be kept home when they have exhibited any of the following symptoms within the previous 24-hour period. The school, at its discretion, may also determine that a child exhibiting any of the following other symptoms must be kept or sent home:

Temperature over 100 F/ 38 C degrees
Vomiting and/or diarrhea
Any symptom of a contagious childhood diseases (e.g., Scarlet Fever, German Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, and Whooping Cough)
Sore throat
Croup or any uncontrolled cough
Any unexplained rash
Any skin infection (e.g., boils, ringworm, impetigo, pinkeye or other eye infection)

Children sent home from school with any of these symptoms are not eligible to return to class the next day (24 hour rule). This policy is for the protection of both your child as well as the other children and staff. Parents will be notified when a child has been exposed to a communicable disease at German ISD. Please notify the office immediately if your child has been exposed to any contagious disease. In the case of head lice, pinkeye, or other highly contagious conditions, your child must receive proper treatment and stay home for at least three days (or longer, if symptoms have not disappeared).

Medications and First Aid

German ISD does not make available any medication for use by students, and will not administer any medications to children, except for prescription medications for chronic conditions (after discussion with the child’s parents/guardians). All medications must be kept in the office in the original packaging and must be labeled with the child’s name, the prescribing physician’s name, the expiration date and directions for administering. Please do not place medication in your child’s backpack. Parents must also sign the Medication Log in the office authorizing the staff to administer the medicine for each school day that the medication is to be administered. All staff members and caregivers (including substitute caregivers) are certified in CPR and First Aid. In the event of an injury while at school before the child is picked up, caregivers will clean wounds and apply band aids/bandages to keep the area clean. If needed, ice packs will be applied to reduce swelling. In case of a life-threatening emergency, German ISD will call 911 and First Aid will be applied.

Procedures for Handling Emergencies
In case of minor injury or accident, the staff will administer basic First Aid. All injuries or illnesses not requiring immediate parental notification will be documented and reported to parents/guardians when the child is picked up at the end of the day.
In case of medical injury or illness requiring immediate professional care (emergency), German ISD staff will call 911 and as appropriate, German ISD staff will administer CPR or First Aid measures. Parents/guardians will be notified immediately. If parents are unavailable, designated emergency contacts will be
notified by phone. All children must have an emergency medical release form on file in case of such an emergency.
Vision and Hearing Screenings
All children who are four years of age or older must be screened by the child’s physician for vision and hearing during the school year. Results of all screenings must be kept on file at the office.

Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s preschool experience in a number of ways. Every family is required to volunteer 10 hours at German ISD or pay an additional $200 per semester per child. Several parties will be held during the year requiring volunteers. Landscaping and maintaining a school garden
and playground also require many helping hands, and other opportunities to assist the school will also be provided. We welcome and encourage parent involvement. Please contact German ISD for further information. Volunteering and participating in school celebrations also provides parents with the opportunity to meet other parents. You can help make our school a great place for our children by attending annual celebrations such as the St. Martin Lantern Parade, St. Nikolaus and Advent celebrations, Mother’s Day, Easter Party, and the Summer Festival.


Parents may visit German ISD at any time. German ISD reserves three weeks of the school year for parent-teacher conferences (see school calendar). The school director may require a conference to address any topics as necessary to ensure an appropriate school environment or experience.
If you desire an additional conference with your child’s teacher or with the school director, please call the school. Please keep in mind that pick-up and drop-off can be hectic periods and are not generally available for conferences. Communication between teachers and parents is critical to a child’s success.
Accordingly, German ISD is committed to encouraging such communication, and parents may be requested to acknowledge that these communications have taken place.

Birthdays are special occasions. If you wish to participate in your child’s special day at school, please let your child’s teacher know in advance. Any special treats must be for all the children in the class and must be organic. For more details, please ask your child’s teacher for a list of healthy and fun birthday foods.
Organic Food/Nutrition
We will provide an organic breakfast (such as cereal, fruits, baked banana or squash bread) to each child every morning. Children will be served an organic lunch (bread with meat and sausage (Kuby’s), cheese, other dairy products, vegetables, fresh fruits, etc.) Water will be made available to the children during the day. If your child is attending the after school program, an organic afternoon snack is also provided. At German ISD, the staff and children set the table together and sit down together for healthy organic meals. This experience provides the children with a warm family-like atmosphere and conversation. The children also have the opportunity to exercise age-appropriate responsibilities (such as putting their dishes away).
All holidays and parties will be included in the school calendar circulated at the beginning of the school year. Some parties or events are scheduled during the school week to correspond with the date of an event or for planning purposes. Children are encouraged to participate in parties that are scheduled on the days of the week when the child is enrolled. Due to staffing and ratio restrictions, children may not attend parties held on dates when the child is not enrolled.
Water Activities

Written parental consent is required before your child can participate in water activities, such as playing in a wading pool or with a water table. Children will be supervised by our staff at all times while involved in water activities in compliance with the requirements of the State of Texas.

Inclement Weather
The decision for closing, late start, or early release due to inclement weather will be based on the Carrollton/Farmers Branch ISD inclement weather procedures. Information regarding inclement weather days in Carrollton/Farmers Branch ISD can be found at the link below. In addition, in the event of a closing, late start or early release, German ISD will informe their families via email as early as possible. http://www.cfbisd.edu
German ISD staff is trained to use a positive method of discipline and guidance that encourages self-esteem, self-control, and self-direction. For example, staff praise and encourage good behavior instead of focusing only upon unacceptable behavior. They also remind a child of behavioral expectations daily by using clear, positive statements and redirecting behaviors. German ISD staff will never use corporal punishment or negative discipline that may hurt or humiliate a child. Giving children understandable guidelines and redirecting their behavior helps them to develop internal control of their actions and encourages good behavior. When these discipline procedures fail to result in a positive outcome or if the safety of other students is in question, German ISD reserves the right to terminate enrollment at any time.

Biting is a common issue in early child development. The best way to deal with biting is by addressing the issue consistently both at home and at school. Biting occurs for multiple reasons, so proper communication will help determine why a child is biting. German ISD will work with parents to address and solve this issue,
should it arise, as soon as possible.

Preparing For the School Day

Children must attend school in clothing they can easily take on and off themselves. This is essential for your child’s comfort and independence and ensures he or she does not have to worry about staying clean and can go to the restroom with minimal assistance from the caregiver (if already potty trained). To climb safely, run quickly, and have fun, your child must always wear shoes that fit well and grip the ground securely. Children may only wear closed-toe shoes. No flip-flops allowed! All shoes and clothing, including a change of clothes, must be labeled. Please dress your child appropriately for weather at all times and provide clothing for all weather conditions (e.g. raincoats, rain boots, etc.). Children will play outside in various weather conditions, so a change of clothing and clothes for all types of weather will allow your child to participate in all activities. Please bring a labeled water bottle for your child every day, containing only water (no juice or other beverages please)! Take it home daily to clean it and bring it back filled with fresh water the next day. Your child should bring at least two complete labeled changes of clothing to school in a sturdy tote bag or backpack. For younger children who take naps at school, please also bring a blanket, pillow, and sheet. Clothing and bedding must be taken home at the end of each week for washing. If your child is not potty-trained, diapers and wipes must also be provided. Please do not allow your child to bring toys from home. (German ISD has an assortment of toys available for the children to share.) Exceptions are made for a labeled stuffed animal for naptime, or a toy for show and tell.


Class begins at 9 a.m. and the children should be accompanied to the classrooms of German ISD by a parent or designated adult. Children may not be left in the classroom unless there is a teacher present. Do not drop off your child outside and let him/her go into the school by him/herself. Please accompany your child into the classroom. The school entrance will remain closed after 9:15 a.m.

Dismissal and Release

Please pick up your child promptly at 3 p.m. The children will wait in the hallway accompanied by a caregiver at pick up time. German ISD also offers a late pick up time every day until 6 p.m., for an additional fee. Please make sure you are on time for pick up, as our staff has other responsibilities in the afternoon.
For every additional minute of late pick up, beginning 10 minutes after the official pick-up time (i.e. until 3:10 p.m.), we will charge $1. To ensure appropriate staffing, repeated violations of this policy may result in your child being enrolled in the monthly after care program, at the standard monthly fee. If your child should need to be picked up by anyone other than persons stated on your registration forms, please notify German ISD in writing. Please notify the person that they must present his or her driver’s license before the child will be released to him or her.

Parent Responsibility

  • Sign-up sheet: children must be signed in and out on a daily basis by the
    custodial parent or adult person approved by the parent(s). Parents who fail to
    sign children in or out may be charged a $5 penalty for each failure to do so.
  • Please communicate any concerns regarding our program or your child to staff
  • Pick up and read the notices and information left for you in your child’s folder.
  • Pick up your child’s papers/projects daily. Their work is very important to them and provides another means of communication between you and your child.
Acclimatization Phase (extra hand out)
We ask our parents to support the process of their young child’s acclimatization at German ISD for the 1st two weeks in the classroom!
> 18 month to 2 1/2 years or if recommended by the teacher
Provision of Service
German ISD has the right to refuse service to any person and/or family for any reason, subject to applicable law.
Custody Situations
German ISD cannot be involved in custody disputes. German ISD will follow any and all court orders exactly as written and information not contained in a court order will not be considered. If your family has a court order, it is imperative that you provide German ISD with a current copy. Additional information may be requested at the school director’s discretion.
Please note: per the laws of the State of Texas, in the absence of a court order, German ISD will provide information to both parents and will not restrict access to information or a child.
Diapers / Changing
Due to sanitary reasons and to prevent the spread of bacteria, German ISD only
allows the use of disposable diapers/pull-ups at school.
Gang Free Zone
Under the Texas Penal Code, any area within 1,000 feet of a child-care center (including German ISD) is a gang-free zone, where criminal offenses related to organized criminal activity are subject to enhanced penalties.
Breastfeeding Area
German ISD supports all mothers who wish to breastfeed at our school. We will provide a quiet place where you can breastfeed.
Social Networking / Phone Calls
Employees of German ISD are prohibited from participating in social networking with parents and children of the school. This includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Any phone calls to the school regarding your child can be made during our teachers’ work hours. Please call the school at 214-507-0130.
Additional information
Copies of the Rules of Minimum Standards for Registered and Licensed Child-Care Homes are available in the office for parents to review. Also available is our most recent registered inspection report by the State of Texas. Parents can contact their child care local licensing office at 214-583-4253.
The child abuse hotline for the State of Texas is 1-800-252-5400. The web site for the Department of Protective and Regulatory Services is http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/child_care/about_child_care_licensing/
Policy Changes
Parents will be notified of policy changes or any other upcoming events in written communication from German ISD or through posted notices on the information board located in the school hallway.