Our Programs

  • ”Good morning, dear numbers!“ This is how children between 2 ½ years of age and 7 all over Germany and in other European countries greet the numbers. Prof. Gerhard Preiss’s Numberland programme playfully introduces children to the world of mathematics.

  • Entenland – early arithmetic program, by Prof. Preiss The discoveries in “Duck Land” are divided into the learning arenas: Holistic approach, children´s autonomy, pro-social behavior and learning in contexts. Follow the link for additional Information about Entenland

  • To learn how to distinguish and name forms , is a prerequisite to the objects difference at all from each other in our world and to give them a name .

  • BuchStaLa – german language program for pre-k

  • A general guide provides basic information on language acquisition and planning aids .

  • W

  • Science in kindergarten -easy , motivational & without much preparation effort !

  • During our toddlers Gymnastics the children should deal in a playful way with their existing repertoire of movements…

  • In this area we will provide you the weekly schedule, so you will see whats happen through the week. Use the slider above the see the schedule of every class.

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