Our Language concept for Kindergarten is based on the Principle of the Dual Immersion Method.
This is also known as the one person – one language approach. Each teacher will only speak in either English or German to the children. Students will learn to associate the teacher with the language and language learning will happen in a spontaneous and playful way. German ISD strives to provide excellent conditions that increase the chances of acquiring a language in an effortless, child-friendly environment without overburdening or forcing the children.

  • German ISD offers a state-equivalent Kindergarten program based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Kindergarten (TEKS) standards. The program complements the full immersion approach of the German ISD Preschool and Pre-K classes with a German-English bilingual curriculum for children from 5 to 6 years of age, in order to ensure continuity with the instruction in the Texas early elementary grades.
  • The dual-language immersion program is designed for children with German as either a first or second language, with the goal to learn two languages without one language replacing the other. A team of two certified Kindergarten teachers, one of which is a native German and the other a native English speaker, will lead the program.
  • Our Kindergarten program will provide a range of benefits above and beyond traditional non-bilingual Kindergarten programs through the connection of our native-speaking German teachers and native-speaking English teacher. The new program entails academic concepts such as literacy, science, mathematics, movement, artistic, and musical activities. Our goal is for children to develop the essential skills that build the foundation for lifelong learning within positive social and emotional experiences. The Kindergarten Program will facilitate learning using children’s natural curiosity, imagination and thinking skills.
  • The German ISD Kindergarten curriculum is designed for a child to achieve maximum growth as a learner in order to be well prepared for 1st Grade in either an American or German elementary school. In addition to acquiring the skill set of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Kindergarten (TEKS), German ISD students regularly achieve above-average levels of academic proficiency due to the benefits of growing up and learning in a bilingual environment.



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