This year’s project weeks will be held during the month of May 2017.

Each of our German ISD teachers will offer a special topic during this time. Our team will present a special activity to the students daily. It is then left up to the students to decide where they would like to participate.

During the entire time, all of the class rooms will be open and our teachers will work less “class-oriented” by welcoming “new students” to their classes on a daily basis.

Our garden will be supervised all morning long for the students to play outside as long or quick as they would like. Three of our staff members will offer group games and sports during this outdoor playtime.

Each classroom will be a “toy-free zone” during this period of time. No toys from school or brought from at home will be allowed! We really enjoyed seeing our students interact on a totally different level during the “toy-free time” as a project last year and we would like to continue this wonderful experience for our students.