The German International School of Dallas is a German-immersion preschool, which incorporates German educational and cultural traditions as well as current practices. It aims at enhancing each child’s growth and learning. Daily activities foster academic, social, and emotional learning. Developmentally appropriate planned subjects and group activities dealing with the alphabet, elementary numbers, art, basic science and nature studies, musical games, and problem solving are included. There is plenty of time for all children to explore and investigate based upon their own questions.

We have five groups of children divided according to age. The first three, the “Elefanten”, “Giraffen” and “Pinguine” are our classes, age 2,5 to 4 years.  Our little children age 18 months to 2,5 years are named “Koalas”.

Our Pre-K group, the “Löwen” class, is intended for four and five year olds. These are the children going to kindergarten in the following school year.



  • Forschen mit Fred (science program)
  • Das bin ich (language program)

The toddler groups (Elefanten, Giraffen and Koalas) will additionally be introduced to the early arithmetic program, Entenland, as well as the language program, Logico, which are designed to develop learning and language skills.

The Pre-K (Lion) group follows a daily structure with a focus on preparation for school. This will be achieved through the following early arithmetic, language, and writing programs:

  • Zahlenland (early math program)
  • Würzburger Sprachprogramm (sound and grammar program)
  • Buchstala (alphabet program)



We incorporate a curriculum, the “Bayerischen Bildungsplan für Deutsche Preschool”. This curriculum is the foundation of our work, and is founded on five key pillars:

1. Literacy & Media
2. Asking & Exploring Children (math and science)
3. Creative Arts (art, aesthetic, and music)
4. Strong Children (movement, rhythm, dance, sports, health)                                                                                                                                                                                5. Social Skills & Norms (emotions and social skills)

We build our classrooms around all of these principles, but we particularly emphasize the development of social skills for our younger groups, and the implementation of academic exercises (prewriting, cutting, etc.) for our older group to prepare them for school.

We continue to provide morning snacks (consisting of fruit and crackers) and lunches (vegetables, sandwiches, and yoghurt) for our children as we have done until now. Afternoon snacks will be provided for the children who take part in our afternoon program.
Afternoon Program



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